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Veritas Sancti Est

Jitsu wa shinsei

28 September
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My name is Jacob, you can call me just Jake if you'd like. I am German, Japanese, Italian, ect..... I Love languages. I am bi, and if you've got a problem with that, then SHOVE IT! I never hate anyone, no matter what they may do. I believe hate is something that can only be felt for that which is pure evil.

Seven ideals I live by, the ideals represented by the seven folds in a Hakama.
Yuki = courage, valor, bravery
Jin = humanity, charity, benevolence
Gi = justice, righteousness, integrity
Rei = etiquette, courtesy, civility
Makoto = sincerity, honesty, reality
Chugi = loyalty, fidelity, devotion
Meiyo = honor, credit, glory; also reputation, dignity, prestige